Connected Neighbors. Sustainable Neighborhood.

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Community at your doorstep…

Imagine having an impromptu cup of tea with neighbors to decompress after a long day at work…

Stopping by the common house to mingle with neighbors over a delicious homemade meal, all prepared and ready when you arrive…

Giving your children the freedom to play at the neighborhood playground with the other kids…

A neighbor dropping off a pot of her soup at your doorstep when she’s heard from another neighbor that you’re down with a cold… 

Welcome to Harrisonburg Cohousing!

Together, we’re building a new vibrant, intergenerational community in Harrisonburg, VA, where we know our neighbors well and live more sustainably. 

  • Our privately-owned, well-designed homes will be clustered around a central green-space with gardens and play areas.
  • Parking will be on the outside of the community to maximize green-space.
  • A common house (the heart of the community) will have rooms for quiet time with friends, community meals, parties, spaces for kids to play on rainy afternoons, and project work.
  • Our site is close to schools and shopping, but has plenty of space for gardens and play areas. We encourage you to explore the site with us at an upcoming site tour.

We’re at a crucial point on the cusp of the design process, and encourage you to join us in determining the features of the project, prioritizing what elements and amenities to include. Additionally, early members will have first pick of the housing units. 

Why Live in Cohousing?

Cohousing gives residents a unique blend of community and privacy.
Households have independent incomes and private lives, but neighbors collaboratively plan and manage community activities and shared spaces. Self-management empowers residents, builds community, and saves money.
Cohousing creates an environment where we as adults feel supported and respected at each stage of our life’s journey.
Cohousing is a great way for our kids to grow up with a strong network of care, to play freely in a neighborhood of all ages.
Community social events, kid’s activities and a sharing culture allow less dependency on our cars, also a win for the environment.
We look forward to sharing our joys and our sorrows as life unfolds. Each of us has special talents that will enrich our community, and we know new members will brings unique experiences and skills with them too. We’re excited to meet you!

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